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thinking of writing a “fanfic” soon.

it’s kind of a fanfic, but it’s not. it’s a fanfic of Avery’s webcomic he’s working on.

a fanfic of his OCs.

but still.

Sorry you like my OCs

…and how I pair Brandon with everyone….especially with Anthony….


So I heard it’s someone’s birthday today?


my brush looks like cotton candy and i’m rly feelin it


Sock is a sweet but somewhat unstable teen who commits suicide after the accidental murder of his own parents. In Hell he meets Mephistopheles, the amicable manager of the underworld, who offers him a job: Sock is to become a demon, tasked with haunting humans and driving them to suicide. At first this seems like Sock’s dream job—a way he can finally act on his desires without consequence—but after meeting his first target, a disinterested highschooler named Jonathan, he finds himself with another desire that just might be stronger… and just might have a consequence.

Welcome to Hell (2013)


lights on the train looked like tiny stars